Win $126 a Spin with this Roulette Strategy

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45 thoughts on “Win $126 a Spin with this Roulette Strategy”

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  3. DAVID!!!! Stop talking!!!

    who gives a crap about your lace panties! Trying learn a strategy and your constant verbal diarrhea keeps us from understanding what is happening on the board!


    Bring back Lauren and Timmy!!!

  4. Hi I worked for 10 years in Mexico but now I’m going to move to USA and I’m looking for a school could you give some information about your school.
    I have knowledge in roulette, black Jack, baccarat, ultime Texas Holden, three card poker, black Jack Spanish and pai gow

  5. Poor man's version would be $5 on the corners & $20 on the double streets/columns. That's at least "only" $155 a spin. You could also do a broke dick version that's $1 on the corners & $4 on the double streets/columns lol

    This system almost definitely will not work on an ETG, you're covering too many numbers. Most I've ever seen an ETG let you cover is 32 numbers and even that's difficult, you have to place the bets in a specific order to make it let you, at least in my machines cases.

    I also don't like that 1-2 & 36 is a mini-whack, I see those numbers come up fairly often & almost always play them was a result, via a dozen or split or something. 1-2 being right next to 0/00 make them a requirement for me cuz ETGs tend to tease the 0s on a semi-regular basis across a dozen plus spins it happens at least once (hitting 27-28 or 1-2).

  6. Respect to the tumbling class. Alex and I are close in age, and when you get here your body becomes use it or lose it. I expect a flat land standing backflip video in the future.

  7. I found a possible hack to this – instead of betting on 0, bet on the 1 or 34. You get +400 if you hit. No extra risk since you're trading a whack for a hit/ vice versa.

  8. On a single zero table, this is a big ol' juicy grapefruit!

    (Alex, I was once able to do standing backflips in my youth. Practice on a trampoline, or in a gym with a spotter and lots of pads on the floor. You'll be doing it in no time!)

  9. I would play it with nickles. Instead of $100, I'd use $20. And I dread of $25, I would use $5. Then it can be "peasant friendly". Looks like it can have a good teturn. Make a quick $100 and leave.

  10. NEVER BET ON 36 OR MORE NUMBERS AT A TIME. This system is betting on 37 numbers at a time.

    Remove all the $25 corner bets and replace the $100 column bet with just $25 and you’ll save $225 when 0 and 00 hit. ALL OTHER PAYOUTS ARE IDENTICAL.

    When you bet on 36 or more numbers at a time, there are bets that are cancelling each other out. In this case you basically have 3 x $75 column bets.

  11. The comment about the friend who took Home Ec for the ladies had me remembering my Senior year in high school. Took fashion and fabrics not only was it an easy to obtain credit, but there was one other guy besides me, and the he transferred to another class on day two. So it was about twenty ladies and me in the class. 😊

  12. Did a mini version of this system for half the amounts,and did walk away with $250. ''Casino hates me…Told all thetable players about CEG school on you-tube''

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