Best Off Strip Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos | Part 1

Best Off Strip Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos | Part 1


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Best Off Strip Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos | Part 1.

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10 thoughts on “Best Off Strip Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos | Part 1</span>”

  1. I'am hoping that my next luxary resort & hotel spa Vegas stay is gonna be at The Red Rock Casino Hotel & Spa. My mom was thinking about it this year but didn't have the time to go there but I can go and check it for myself on their website for nights and hoping not very expensive. The Palms Casino Resort looks really nice but I'am not sure about the bad maintenance service so anyways great job on your vegas hotels off the strip videos. I've been to Vegas Since 2012, 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023 so yes five times like the 5X Slot Machine.

  2. Too much party atmosphere at The Palms. However, across the street is the Gold Coast. Boyd Group owns the Gold Coast and the Orleans. Westgate was where a Holiday Inn was. Rampart Hotel and Casino, isn't that out of the way? Red Rock seems nice. My late wife would love the 3,000 slot machines at Red Rock. Not bad getting there from the airport. Be waiting for your next video. I don't twit, or on Instagram. Just YouTube.

  3. I recognize a couple of those properties (notably the Palms and Orleans) as part of what I'd consider "Immediate Off-Strip" properties. Which, back in the 2000s was almost it's own classification (like Fremont St or The Strip). But the 2008 financial crisis hit that area hard and people forget that, back in the day, you could have almost as much fun as the strip. But the quality still isn't bad.

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