Gambling, a pursuit as old as civilization itself, is steeped in a rich tapestry of superstitions and beliefs. These customs, varying from quirky to downright bizarre, have been passed down through generations of gamblers. They serve not just as a nod to tradition but also as a psychological armor against the inherent uncertainty of gambling. Here, we delve into some of the most popular gambling superstitions and the stories behind them.


One of the most enduring aspects of gambling superstitions is the use of lucky charms. Gamblers worldwide carry objects they believe bring luck. This could be anything from a rabbit’s foot to a specific coin. The belief in the power of these objects is so strong that it becomes an integral part of their gambling routine.

The Color Red

In many cultures, especially in Chinese tradition, red is considered extremely lucky. This belief stems from the color’s association with prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture. Don’t be surprised to see gamblers wearing red clothing, underwear, or even placing a red item on the gambling table for good luck.

Crossing Fingers or Knocking on Wood

A widespread practice in gambling and beyond, crossing fingers or knocking on wood is believed to either bring good luck or ward off bad luck. This superstition has its roots in early Christianity and pagan beliefs where crossing fingers was thought to harness the power of the Christian cross.


Numbers play a significant role in gambling superstitions. In Western cultures, ‘7’ is often considered lucky, while ’13’ is widely regarded as unlucky. Conversely, in Chinese and other Asian cultures, the number ‘8’ is associated with luck and prosperity, while ‘4’ is avoided due to its phonetic similarity to the word for death.


Entering Through the Main Entrance

In some cultures, it’s considered unlucky to enter a casino through the main entrance. This belief originated from the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, which had a lion’s mouth as its main entrance. Players believed that walking into the lion’s mouth was a curse.

Avoiding $50 Bills

In the United States, some gamblers avoid using $50 bills. This stems from a belief that mobsters would often tuck $50 bills inside the jackets of victims they buried in the desert.

No Counting Money at the Table

A widely acknowledged practice is to never count money while still at the gambling table. This superstition is more of a practical etiquette, as it’s considered bad luck and poor form to count winnings in plain view of other players.


Many gamblers also turn to astrology to determine their luckiest gambling days or to make decisions on when to gamble. They believe that their zodiac signs and the positions of celestial bodies can influence their luck in gambling.

The Power of Rituals

From blowing on dice for good luck to not crossing legs while gambling, many players follow specific rituals believing it will increase their chances of winning. These rituals can vary significantly from one gambler to the next.


While the effectiveness of these superstitions and rituals is debatable, their prevalence in the gambling world is undeniable. They add a layer of intrigue and tradition to the act of gambling, making it not just a game of chance, but also one rich in cultural practices and beliefs. Whether these superstitions actually bring luck is a matter of personal belief, but one thing is clear: they are an indelible part of the gambling experience.

Good luck and have fun!


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