The Best Perks And Rewards That Casinos Offer Me As a High-Limit Gambler!

The Best Perks And Rewards That Casinos Offer Me As a High-Limit Gambler!


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The world of online casinos is ever-evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments is crucial for players. From exciting new game releases that promise immersive experiences to important regulatory changes shaping the landscape of online casinos we’ll keep you updated. Being aware of the latest news and regulatory implications is huge for professional and casual players alike. As the industry continues to innovate and adapt, keeping a close eye on the latest news and trends is your key. This will ensure a thrilling and informed gaming experience.

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The Best Perks And Rewards That Casinos Offer Me As a High-Limit Gambler!.

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37 thoughts on “The Best Perks And Rewards That Casinos Offer Me As a High-Limit Gambler!</span>”

  1. Thank Jason. Amazing offers and comps. I get MGM offers because I usually play at this property
    Like you say use your card because I’m a very, very low roller and they give me pretty good comps .. 🎉😉

  2. Great info. Although I'm not a high level player, but I got my tier maxed out in a few months by taking advantage of extra slot point days. I get $150 every week in free play, it's not much but I'll take it. However I think I'm doing myself a disservice by going to the casino every single week. There are no other casinos within an hour of mine so there is no competition for hosts to incentivize you to come back to play. Seeing all this wine made me think. Have you ever gotten into aged beers? I've paid $100+ for a bottle of beer in the past. You should check it out for something different. Specifically spontaneously fermented beers or finer aged brews. Drie Fonteinen, Cantillon,
    Gueuzerie Tilquin are probably my top 3 favorites. Anyway…great info, thanks for sharing with us Jason!

  3. I’m getting on average $5,000 a week in free play. It’s usually $1250 per day every other day at my local Hollywood Casino. At my local Caesars property I’m getting about $4000 for 3 days per week. How would you rate that level of comps? Love your videos brother. I’m in Chicago. Go to Hollywood Joliet, Harrahs Joliet and Rivers Des Plaines. Also just started going to the new Ballys Chicago. You plan on checking that out anytime soon?

  4. Any info on the Caesars resorts in Vegas? I’m in Iowa and play at the Isle which has now been bought by Ceasers and are offering me free airfare and stay.

  5. I for one am not shocked how cheap the Wisconsin Indian casinos are treating you. Potawatomi used to be great many years ago me and my brother would enjoy going to brewers and bucks games in the luxury box. Essentially take the free play and convert it DIRECTLY into cash some days and just leave. Since covid lock down the casino has gotten extra cheap…the hotel is nothing to write home about..they haven't reopened the poker room..the food has gone down hill..and the sports betting they have open can only be done on property unlike our neighbors to the south where you can simply download a phone app or place bets on your web browser. To see Mr. Hand Pay only get 200$ is the cherry on top for how far they have fallen. I'd highly suggest everyone taking their biz to The Temporary or Rivers instead

  6. It seems like it if you played machines for a dollar a spin, and paid everything yourself, you would be up around 50,000 dollars a trip. Lol lol lol don't you see that. Wow lol this is so funny.

  7. Hello 👋 mr Handpay that’s why when you go to Las Vegas you need to get all the rooms and free play from all the casinos that you can get stuff from ! I actually check in to like 3 at a time 😂❤🎉even if I don’t use the rooms in all of them but it’s good if you bring other people with you that can

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